Persons named Throckmorton and individuals with a traceable
   connection to the Throckmorton Family (birth, marriage, etc.)
   are encouraged to clearly and completely accomplish the follow-
   ing Genealogy Form and send to:

 	Gary J. Throckmorton, 64 Augusta Dr., Abilene, TX 79606
   There are no plans at present to publish another Throckmorton
   Family history, or to addend or supplement any published docu-
   ment with this survey information. Having a compilation of this
   data, however, will be indispensable to any future family
   history publication. Each person completing this form should
   retain and maintain current a copy for himself/herself.  This
   information will only be shared with other attendees who may
   request it and with Coughton Court,  but not with any other
   commercial enterprise.
   Form completion is strictly voluntary and there is no "dead-
   line" for forwarding the form to the above recipient. Those
   who complete and forward it will be listed in our Throckmorton
   Family "Directory" which enables them to automatically receive
   the Directory, Newsletters and information bytes, via their
   e-mail, from Col. Robert W. Throckmorton.

   A copy of all completed forms submitted will be available to
   requesting Throckmorton Family members provided they have
   participated in the survey, will attest (written statement)
   they will not disseminate any of the information to any outside
   source, except as may be necessary to compile/consolidate for
   Throckmorton family history purposes, and, will assume in
   advance, the cost of forms reproduction and postage. When you 
   click on the form, it will be in pdf format.  You may need to 
   first install a free copy of Adobe Reader by going to:  
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