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For those who missed getting a copy of C. Wickliffe Throckmorton’s (CWT) classic history of the Throckmorton Family when reprinted in 2002, here’s good news!

A second printing of A Genealogical and Historical Account of the Throckmorton and Allied Families, 1066-1926, originally published in 1930, is available now!  Reproduction is by the Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, SC, who also gave us the excellent reprint of the Throckmorton Family History with Cognate Branches by Frances Sitherwood.  (Both volumes are pictured above).  This second CWT reprint has a navy blue bound cover and is identified on the spine as A Family History–C. Wickliffe Throckmorton.  The CWT reprint has all photographs and drawings with the complete original text; it includes the historic Royal Descent chart depicting the Throckmorton Family’s uninterrupted lineage from 800 AD.

During our recent negotiations for the CWT reprint, we learned from the printer/publisher that book reproductions have significantly increased in cost since our initial reprint; and that they’re predicted to further escalate.  We inquired about reproduction options that would provide quality text, printing and binding while at affordable family prices.  After our first-hand examination of the “on demand” book reproduction process we determined that its product was fully of the quality and durability we required.  With a considerably lower price compared with the offset printing process, we initiated our order for the “on demand” book.  This decision was based upon the assurance that the reprint would have complete and original text style, full content and be of professional print and binding quality.  As the price comparisons below demonstrate, we were successful in significantly lowering the cost per volume which offers greater family and customer opportunity to purchase a single CWT volume or the two-book package at an attractive rate.  This fulfilled our second objective, to enable more persons and their families to purchase and enjoy these two classic family histories. 

Today, for those who want only a single copy of the CWT reprint, the cost for a shrink-wrapped copy, insured, packaged and shipped to any US Postal address is $50 (down from $85).  The Sitherwood book per copy, similarly packaged and mailed, is now $60 (down from $65).  The “double-book package” (Sitherwood and CWT) is now available for just $100 which also includes the above packaging, shipping, etc.  These unavailable-elsewhere classics make excellent gifts for any occasion (adult children, nieces/nephews) or treasures for your personal library.


To order these Throckmorton Histories if living EAST of the Mississippi River, order with check to Jean V. Helms, 4 Tinkers Lane, Carrollton, VA 23314-3307.  Contact


For those who live WEST of the Mississippi, order from Robert W. Throckmorton with check at 27630 Riata Ranch Drive, San Antonio, TX 78261-3514.  Contact  

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