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...and most of you were there!

On August 8, 2000 there were approximately 125 Throckmorton relations from many locations, including Australia, America and Canada at Coughton Court in Warwickshire, England.   It was truly an exciting and historical event!  If you had to miss it for any reason, don't despair, we will be posting NEW photographs and many, many links to the photo websites and genealogical websites of the gracious attendees who have agreed to share their photos and experiences.  And don't forget, Coughton Court is open most of the year. You can plan your own visits anytime in the future. 

Many of you made new family friends and are already corresponding!  Thank you for sharing your pictures and memories with the rest of us.  Let's keep these "connections" alive-it's great fun!

A huge "thank you" to Mrs. Clare McLaren-Throckmorton for conceiving of and implementing the English portion of the Throckmorton Homecoming.  Let us not forget Mr. Andrew McLaren and all of his hard work-- as only one example, the publicity in England for the event came about due to his efforts.  Certainly the staff at Coughton Court made a valiant effort to inform us, entertain us and accommodate our every question or need.  And they did all that with big smiles in a very gracious manner  Cheers to everyone at Coughton Court for their splendid hospitality!

We have moved the genealogy page  to this site from the prior site  for those of you who have not yet completed the form and mailed it to Gary Throckmorton.  Please do so as you would not want to be left out of any future Throckmorton family compilation.  (Nothing currently planned...Volunteers, please!?)  Family members, kin, and others connected to the Throckmorton Family who complete and mail the form, and include their e-mail address will automatically be listed in the Throckmorton Family "Directory" to whom Throckmorton Newsletters and information bytes are sent.

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