Kellum (Kenelm) Throckmorton (Throgmorton

           K. Throckmorton arrived at the Jamestown settlement in 1607.  The story of the discovery of what are felt to be his bones labeled "JR" has even attracted a fictional mention by mystery writer Patricia Cornwell, although her speculation about the reasons for his death and his role are just that:  speculation. 

Cornwell, Patricia.  Isle of Dogs.   Berkley Publishing Group , 2002.  On about p. 152 of her novel, Ms. Cornwell mentions "JR", widely believed to be Kenelm or Kellum Throckmorton, the probable first Throckmorton to America, an inhabitant of the Jamestown settlement, being researched by anthropologists and a historian. 

No descendents are noted in the USA.  However Clare Throckmorton of Coughton Court has mentioned that there are some references that there may have been a descendent in England.  Those Throckmortons who journeyed to the Williamsburg 2002 reunion were privileged to meet Dr. Kelso, archaeologist, and see the exhibit of the skull rendition as well as see slides of JR's bones and site excavation.   Who shot JR?  No one knows.  Read more about Kenelm Throckmorton here:

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Artist's rendition of skull believed to be that of Kellum/Kenelm Throckmorton:




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