stained glass




                These three of four remain, the bottom two both on Coughton Court Lane. The chapel
                 in the fourth side of Coughton Court was burned out/down by those objecting to Catholic
                 worship and that wing was removed.  During the Throckmorton Reunion 2000, one
                 Throckmorton was baptized at St. Peter's (Anglican) and a busload of us attended mass
                 at St. Peter, Paul and Elizabeth, R.C.  All of us visited Throckmorton Chapel in
                 Throckmorton, England, the first church built. Formerly R.C., it is now Anglican.
                 St. P,  P, & E is still within the family. And so is history!  We will be adding
                 information abut the Haseley church in the future.  

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MUSIC:  "Remember O Thou Man" - Thomas Ravenscroft, 1590-1633
MOTTO:  "The brave alone are noble" (courtesy Pete Coggeshall)

Caroline T. Lewin, Ph.D. 2000,2007


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